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leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to

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and shape the future of work.

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Transform is evolving

Not “just another HR conference,” HR Transform gained traction and acclaim as the must-attend event for people professionals and WorkTech innovators. Now called Transform, we aspire to an elevated mission of delivering a people-driven thought leadership ecosystem that engages our distinguished community through numerous channels all year long.

More than ever, you belong here

Caring deeply about inclusivity, Transform focuses on bringing together a diverse community of thought leaders to celebrate different perspectives and enrich every interaction. As part of our transformation, we are excited to continue cultivating an ecosystem that reaches a broader audience, inspires more impactful innovations, sparks deeper conversations, fosters more meaningful connections, and collectively elevates how we care for the health and wellbeing of the global workforce

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Through a spectrum of experiences

Through a curated combination of events, awards, social impact initiatives, and thought leadership media channels, we are always thinking about what matters to the people running people-driven companies. Through every experience and touchpoint, Transform exists to:

→ Foster relationships and human connection
→ Shape the future of people-driven leadership
→ Inspire WorkTech innovation
→ Enhance health and physical, mental, and financial wellbeing
→ Mobilize companies to do good for the broader community
→ Transform the workforce, workplace, and work of the future

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